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Download Welcome Tiles - Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid

Welcome Tiles - Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid

Welcome Tiles - Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid dowload

*New Update: WooCommerce integration, WordPress 3.7.1 compatible, new presets, lots of user suggestions implemented (check update log at bottom of page for more info)! Welcome Tiles is a responsive grid plugin that helps clients organize and beautifully preset information across their web pages

*New Update: WooCommerce integration, WordPress 3.7.1 compatible, new presets, lots of user suggestions implemented (check update log at bottom of page for more info)!

Welcome Tiles is a responsive grid plugin that helps clients organize and beautifully preset information across their web pages. You can design beautiful layouts or use its massive array of presets for quick setup/inspiration. This plugin is unique because of its detailed level of customization and amazing versatility when compared to other typical grid based plugins.

What Does Welcome Tiles Do?

Because of its amazing versatility, you’ll find this plugin to be of several uses across your website!

To check out its vast range beautiful of layouts, you can view the presets for welcome tiles. But keep in mind, welcome tiles is amazingly customizable and this is only ‘part’ of what is possible and more presets categories, and entries per preset are on their way. In fact, some were inspired by what clients created with Welcome Tiles themselves!

Visit The Presets Page Link By Clicking The Image Above or Watch This Quick Presets Showcase Video: The Welcome Tiles YouTube Channel

Welcome Tiles comes equipped with a huge bundle of awesome presets which will help quicken the workflow and have you building tiles like a boss in no time!

The user interface of this plugin has been developed especially for non-techies, and the process for creating new tiles is well documented with text and videos and is kept simple. Plethora of customization options means users get to bring their creative visions for their websites to life, that too all on their own.

Web devs such as myself will enjoy this plugin for its code-free, stress-free way of creating amazing designs.

YouTube Channel

Chief Feature Highlights of Welcome Tiles:

  • Wide Variety of Presets: To keep things absolutely simple, and to demonstrate the plugin’s potential, it comes equipped with dozens of beautiful presets for a wide variety of uses. Presets are fully customizable so you can change colors and other settings to blend them with your site design.
  • Friendly Interface for Non-Techies: Welcome Tiles has been developed especially for non-techies, so the settings process is kept intuitive and simple with a tutorial and detailed help pop-ups built right into the settings page to assist users through the process of creating and publishing their tiles.
  • In-Depth Customization Ops: All the presets for Welcome Tiles were created using nothing but the plugin settings panel itself, so the variety of presets should tell you about the level of customization the option panel offers. Such customization potential bring users closer to their creative vision.
  • Truly Mobile Optimized: Mobile traffic is highly significant to many sites today, and certainly an asset to any, which is why Welcome Tiles is carefully mobile optimized. Tiles and their groups (called tiled yards) are responsive, so they will fluidly shrink and expand as per screen size.
  • Amazingly Versatile Uses: The dozens of available presets alone span a wide range of categories from recent posts to smarter images, feature boxes, notifications, and so on. You could be churning tiles out for plenty more uses once you start exploring its presentation potential.
  • Advanced CSS Effects: Today’s modern web browsers offer amazing advanced CSS effects, however these remain woeful underutilized. Welcome Tiles presets tastefully avail such facilities where appropriate and users are given convenient animation options to control these settings for themselves.
  • HTML5 Validated Markup: Markup validation is considered important for SEO purposes and also to avoid conflicts with other code on your website which is why the HTML markup of Welcome Tiles has been meticulously kept compliant with the very latest HTML5 validation standards.
  • Yes, IE8 Compatible: Welcome Tiles is compatible with all modern browsers, and while it will use latest CSS features offered by newer browsers, it remains compatible with IE8 as well because old generation as IE8 may be, its loyal web traffic still remains too significant to ignore.

A Few Demo Screenshots:

Wait! You’re not on the plugin homepage yet? Well I recommend heading over to the plugin homepage or one of the presets pages to view the live demos instead of just screenshots since they do not convey the hover functionality and awesome css effects!

Welcome Tiles are highly flexible in your hands. They can be twisted and turned into different shapes to suit your purpose, but they always remain responsive. The output can be very varied, as can be seen by the available presets.

But first please note these important points:
  • You can have as many tiles in a set as you like. I am using very few tiles in the preset examples in order to conserve space. However, there are absolutely no restrictions on how many tiles you use with a preset.
  • The screenshots below depict only few examples from the vast amount of presets, that too without CSS effects, so I recommend going over to Welcome Tiles Homepage for the real magic with live demos, and you will find loads and loads more on the presets pages!

  • Testimonials

    Feature Boxes

    Recent Post Excerpts

    Author Box

    Notifications & Updates

    Feature Boxes Large

    Smarter Images


    There are already dozens upon dozens of presets available and I am excited about creating new presets, and will be thrilled to check out custom presets created by my clients themselves. For any queries or support I will be reachable at

    Admin Section

    The following screenshot covers the admin section, but to get a better sense of using it, I invite you to view the Welcome Tiles YouTube channel which cover the plugin usage with easy to follow instruction videos:

    Got a query or suggestion?

    I am always happy to answer questions from prospective clients and provide support to existing clients. If you have any suggestions for the plugin, please do tell me about them, and if they happen to be in popular demand and are doable, then you’ll might just find them in the next version of the plugin! For queries and concerns, you can mail me directly: or leave a comment in the comments section here and I will be sure to get back to you asap!

    Update Log:

    v1.2.0:(Sent for review, will be available very soon!)
    - More intuitive interface
    - WooCommerce integration
    - Separate Edit and Copy facilities
    - Ability to revive trashed tiles
    - Selected tiles will now automatically be shifted to top of tile yard
    - Future tile yards will be associated with their tiles, so while editing or copying a tile yard, its tiles will automatically be selected
    - 5 new presets (264 – Referral, 136 – Featured Normal, 55 – Notices, 87 – Featured Large)
    - Confirmation message before updating tile yard
    - Confirmation message before deleting all data
    - Bug fixes including for 404 messages in console

    I would like to thank my clients for their encouraging words, 5 star ratings and awesome suggestions for the plugin, some of which have already been implemented for enhancing it and many more are on the way. Please keep the ideas coming in folks, and I will be happy to develop Welcome Tiles into a more robust and useful plugin to help you create beautiful layouts

    Welcome Tiles - Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid dowload

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