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Download Responsive Styled Google Maps - WordPress Plugin

Responsive Styled Google Maps - WordPress Plugin

Responsive Styled Google Maps - WordPress Plugin dowload

Google Maps, easy, simple, responsive and styled! This is the only WordPress plugin on the market that generates responsive and styled Google Maps! Please check the live demo to see a lot of shortcode examples. The plugin allows multiple markers per map and multiple maps per page. No API key required

Google Maps, easy, simple, responsive and styled! This is the only WordPress plugin on the market that generates responsive and styled Google Maps! Please check the live demo to see a lot of shortcode examples. The plugin allows multiple markers per map and multiple maps per page. No API key required. The shortcode is very easy to generate and the map is very easy to use!

Note: Because the plugin uses a shortcode, is recommended for maps with less than 10 markers (because having a shortcode with more than 10 markers results in a quite long shortcode)


Open a post, page or widget and write this shortcode to generate a map:
[res_map address="your street, your city, your country"] 
or use the latitude/longitude coordinates:
[res_map address="-37.798391,145.01652"] 
or integrate in a theme directly:
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[res_map address="-37.798391,145.01652" ]') ?>

Plugin’s panel (click the image to view larger)


If you wish to showcase here a link to a map you created with this plugin, please just let me know using the small contact form at the bottom-right in this page: Thank you!

Features available

  • WordPress plugin to generate Google maps maps based on address or latitude/longitude
  • Works in sidebars, posts, pages and custom post types
  • Based on a shortcode, IT CAN BE INTEGRATED EASILY IN A THEME with “php echo do_shortcode”
  • Multiple markers per map
  • No API key required
  • The plugin’s settings panel has map preview and shortcode preview, both in real-time
  • Maps are responsive and styled
  • You can create more maps on a single page or post
  • Markers descriptions accepts both text and html code
  • Put any custom link in markers popup
  • 30 pre-defined colorful map styles
  • 10 colored marker icons or your custom marker icon
  • Every control on the map can be turned on/off
  • Directions link to display directions to the address




The Regular License allows you to use this plugin on a single, one website and you can have more than one map on that website. But, if you want to use this plugin on another website you will need to purchase an additional Regular License. For usage in a template for sale on Themeforest, you will need to purchase the Extended License. Thank you for your purchases!


My support is guaranteed for any of my items and I am working hard to create items that satisfy your needs. Still, if you are not rating this item with 5 stars, please let me know why. I would love to know if you have suggestions for improvements, if some features are missing, or if any other features are not compatible with your website setup. I will always do my best to offer premium support, so your feedback is very much appreciated!


  • jQuery gMap plugin by Sebastian Poreba:
  • Free map pins by MediaLoot:
  • Using the Google Maps API you agree to their Terms of Service

Version history

If you purchased my plugin and you need an older version of the plugin for comparison purposes, just contact me please via the contact form via my profile page here and I’ll send it to you.
 25.12.2013 - version 2.18 - Minor style changes to plugin's panel, due to WordPress 3.8 changes - Changed plugin's url to codecanyon plugin's url - Changed in markers CSS the white-space to nowrap (to avoid text issues in the marker popup) - Added to the documentation an example about how to integrate the shortcode directly in theme templates. 19.11.2013 - version 2.17 - Fixed in the back-end the icon anchor for some zoom levels.  - Re-sized, for better-looking, the marker icons from 32x47px to 29x43px. - Already existing shortcodes are not affected by the update. 12.11.2013 - version 2.16 - Introduced back the pre-defined map styles (30) (the parameter named style instead of the parameter color).  - Iconanchor and infowindowanchor fixes - CSS and look improvements 31.10.2013 - version 2.15 - Renamed file functions.php to avoid conflicts with some themes - Fixed the generated icons color names in the shortcode when multiple markers are used     24.10.2013 - version 2.14 - Fixed icon anchor (it shows now the correct street at largest zoom)  25.09.2013 - version 2.13   - Added feature: possibility to set a different icon for each marker 12.09.2013 - version 2.12   - Added new shortcode parameter: refresh (if the map should be refreshed when the window is scaled). Does not affect older maps. 06.09.2013 - version 2.11   - Added the "UPDATE MAP" button to plugin's admin panel   - Smaller icons (many buyers have requested it)   - Removed (for stability issues) the map's refresh when the window is scaled   - CSS fixes for tablets in portrait mode   - Added new setting: draggable (if the map should be draggable by mouse or hand gestures)   - Added new setting: scrollwheel (if the map should zoom in/out when mouse scroll is used)   - Fixed parsing issues with French addresses and directions text containg apostrophes   - Fixed the conflict with some SEO plugins (due to single or double apostrophes conflicts) 20.08.2013 - version 2.10    - Small bug fix on window resize event for Safari on iPhones older than 4S 18.08.2013 - version 2.9   - Added fix after resize function for map on window resize event (re-center map when window resizes) 16.08.2013 - version 2.8    - CSS fixes for markers info windows (required by Google API updates last night regarding the info windows) 15.08.2013 - version 2.7   - Removed the style parameter and added color parameter instead (to be able to use any possible color for the map)   - Fixed the Google Maps API server message "Sensor parameter must be either true or false" for some mobile phones   - Small CSS customizations    - Directions link is now optional (you can display it or not)   - New modern colors for pre-defined icons   - Ads removed => faster loading 15.07.2013 - version 2.6    - Added the possibility to use {br} to insert a new line in the description field    - Improved the accuracy of the location when latitude/longitude are used    - Small CSS customization (reset the line-height to remove the vertical scrollbar in the popup window)    - Renamed the gMap function to not conflict with other map plugins or with themes 26.05.2013 - version 2.5    - Improved loading time by importing the adsense library only when needed    - Small CSS customization (removed marked shadows, rounded info window corners)    - Added possibility to specify a custom marker icon         18.03.2013 - version 2.4     - Improves pages loading by loading javascript and css only when shortcode is called     - Added a new shortcode parameter(optional) named "center" to be able to center a map with many markers 12.03.2013 - version 2.3     - Removes the "Too many markers, switching to one marker per mode" javascript message     - Replaces the ampersand with its code in the url to google maps library 17.02.2013 - version 2.2     - Fixes the move of the icon marker when the map is zoomed in/out (if you have a previous plugin version, your maps/shortcodes are not affected, this is only an "underground" code change in the back-end) 11.02.2013 - version 2.1    - Small JS fix for map shadows 09.02.2013 - version 2.0    - Added a plugin panel (with shortcode generator and map preview, both in real-time)    - Added multiple markers support    - Added possibility to show adsense ads over the corner of the map    - Marker's description now supports both text and html code 02.02.2013 - version 1.1    - Fixed the marker shadow offset    - Fixed the css interfering with themes css 31.01.2013 - version 1.0    - The initial version 

Responsive Styled Google Maps - WordPress Plugin dowload

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